Website Redesign

Simplifying user experience for a complex software development company

Goal: Clearly communicate Soliant’s message

Problem: Soliant Consulting is a rapidly growing company that specializes in custom software development. The messaging on their website was outdated and unclear.

Challenge: Redesign Soliant’s website to reflect their new message, and modernize the look and feel of their brand.

My Role

I was the Lead Designer on this project. My responsibilities ranged from UX Design to Project Management, including:

  • Lead kickoff meeting and discovery process
  • Create sitemaps and navigation prototypes
  • Create wireframes
  • Present all deliverables to the client

My Team

  • Visual Designer
  • Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Project Coordinator

Another challenge for this project was the timeline. Soliant needed to have the new website ready in time for a big conference, so we were on a tight schedule without much room for flexibility.

Sitemap & Navigation

Their previous website had hundreds of pages and a complex main navigation with 5 dropdown menus and 28 links. The first thing we wanted to try was organizing and simplifying these options as much as possible. We also wanted to guide users towards the high-converting top-level pages for Filemaker, SalesForce, and Web Applications, so we removed the low-converting subpages from the main menu.

We suggested moving some of the less important pages into the footer to make the main navigation less cluttered.

We presented some menu ideas with a space for messaging to improve clarity.

After a couple rounds of feedback. We were able to consolidate a lot of the secondary pages as well. Our SEO team provided some research to assist with this process.

The client still had some final decisions to make on the sitemap, but in order to meet their target deadline we suggested moving forward to the wireframing phase. This flexible approach allowed us to make adjustments to the sitemap as-needed throughout the project without causing any delay.


Their biggest problem with the previous site was unclear messaging. For example, the main headline was “Imagine the Possibilities”, which is extremely vague . We wanted to try something more specific that would communicate Soliant’s value right away.

They had some impressive case studies and noteworthy clients, so we wanted to showcase that on the homepage.

The previous site was also lacking a clear call-to-action, so we made sure to include a section for that at the bottom of each page.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was figuring out how to handle the vast amount of content on each page. Since the content was providing SEO benefits, we didn’t want to completely remove it. Our solution was to collapse the text into accordions, which we applied to many pages throughout the site.

To improve consistency and efficiency, we created several components that could be used in different combinations and provide a foundation for the design.

One factor that may have been contributing to their low conversion rate was the complexity of their contact form. We noticed that many people were visiting the contact page, but simply not filling out the form, so we wanted to experiment with simplifying the page and reducing the form to only the most necessary fields.

One of the biggest advantages of our redesign was scalability. Soliant’s team needed to be able to easily create new pages on their own in the future, so we created a system that would be scalable as their company continues to grow.


We ran into some difficult challenges during the development phase, which is expected when working on a large project with a short timeline, but our team was up for the challenge and we were able to successfully launch the website in time for their big conference. Overall the client was happy with both the final product and our ability to accommodate their deadline.