Website Redesign

Solving UX problems for a global logistics company

Goal: Improve Overall User Experience for GLP’s Customers

Problem: GLP was in the process of rebuilding their entire internal operations to provide a better experience for their customers, and they needed a new website to reflect that.

Challenge: Redesign GLP’s USA website to focus on user experience and position GLP as a leader in customer satisfaction.

My Role

I was the Lead Designer on this project. My responsibilities ranged from UX Design to Project Management, including:

  • Lead kickoff meeting and discovery process
  • Create sitemaps and navigation prototypes
  • Create wireframes
  • Present all deliverables to the client

My Team

  • Visual Designer
  • Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Project Coordinator

As the Lead Designer, I am thinking about two different types of user experience. Not only the UX design of GLP’s website, but also the experience of Rich and Victoria from GLP. I need to create a positive experience throughout this project, and deliver a product that solves their problems.

Sitemap & Navigation

Their previous website used a hamburger menu on desktop, so one of the first things we wanted to do was create a more standard navigation bar to make it easier for users to navigate the site.

We also recommended a mega menu for “About Us” to create hierarchy and help communicate some of their new messaging.

We went through various iterations of the sitemap, and presented the client with different options, such as a top bar navigation to create more visual hierarchy.

Experimenting with more pages

The client loved the mega menu idea, and wanted to see more options.

Presenting different options also creates a great user experience for the client. They feel more involved in the process and are more likely to be happy with the final result.


We presented the client with two different options for the homepage. The content that they provided for the “Why GLP” page was great, so we wanted to try a version with some of that content on the homepage instead. They loved the idea, and ended up choosing that version.

The key to this design is the simplicity. The messaging is broken up into sections with clear headlines so it’s easy to scan. Even if a user doesn’t read through this entire page, which most won’t, they can still easily scroll through and understand what GLP is all about.


In the end, the project was a success. The client was happy with the finished product and they are interested in working with us again on more projects in the future.

“Now that the site is up and much of the heavy lifting is behind us, I wanted to say, on behalf of the GLP team, a big thank you for all your effort. The final product is great and we very much appreciate all you did to accommodate the different requests we had along the way. I look forward to our continued partnership.”

– Rich Rothman, Global Head of Performance and Engagement