How to Install WordPress on Your Computer (The Easy Way)

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You can easily install WordPress on your website through your hosting provider (usually a simple one-click installation). But what if you want to install WordPress directly onto your home computer? This is a great way to design and test your site before publishing, but the installation can be complicated. Thankfully, I found a fast and easy solution that will have WordPress up and running on your computer in seconds. (And it’s free!)

This only works for Windows

Step 1

Go to instantwp.com and download the application.

Step 2

Run the installation.


Step 3

Launch the application.


Now you’ve got WordPress on your computer and you’re ready start building your website.


Just click the “WordPress Admin” button to start editing. Make sure you update WordPress to the newest version.

Note: Transferring an entire website from here to a live host can be complicated, and you may run into compatibility issues. I recommend building the live site separately.


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